Friday, September 19, 2014

Chicken Fajitas

Fajita is a traditional Mexican Dish which is a very common in Mexican restaurants. The term refers to any grilled meat served wrapped in a tortilla. Fajitas are available in different types / many kinds including chicken, beef or shrimp fillings or only with vegetable fillings..

When I made this it was totally a different experience and I was so happy for the original and colourful look of Chicken Fajitas that I made. Doesn’t it it look like Chicken Shavarma? We both enjoyed it like anything and it was of course better than Chicken Shavarma  so you can also definitely make this restaurant quality Fajitas!!

Here is how to make a typical Chicken Fajita. 


(1)Tortillas – 4 
(2)Cheddar cheese (grated) – ½ cup (optional)
(3)Sour cream – 3 tbsp (optional)
(4)Tomato ketchup – to taste
(5)Cooking spray

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